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Polo Shirt With Logo

Posted by Joel McCall

If your office has become more casual in the past few years, you may realize that some staff members have become just far too casual in how they dress. It can be difficult to tell one employee that their graphic t-shirt is unacceptable when another employee wears something similar but less offensive in some way. Having your employees wear a polo shirt with logo is one good way to address these issues.

There are many other benefits to having your employees wear a polo shirt with logo or similar types of items when in the office or on company time. Once you realize these benefits you may then realize why you see so many of these shirts when you're out and about. Other companies realize the benefits of having their staff wear a polo shirt with logo, and realize the benefits of giving them away to customers and clients as well.

Dress code.

Why is a good dress code so important for an office today? One thing to remember is that sometimes customers or clients, or other staff members, may be offended by what some employees may wear. A polo shirt with logo can forego this problem. While everyone's taste in music and their political or religious views are their own, sometimes t-shirts with slogans or graphic designs can be offensive to others. An employer may face claims of discrimination if he or she were to tell one employee they can wear their slogan t-shirt to the office but another employee may not. When you provide a polo shirt with logo to everyone, you avoid this problem.

A good dress code also means the right image to customers and clients, and a good polo shirt with logo can help in this regard. Your staff can look as if they're ready to work even on casual days. You also don't need to worry about immodest attire or something that is considered too slovenly, such as t-shirts without sleeves or anything that is torn or studded. Providing a polo shirt with logo to your staff can mean avoiding many issues with one's dress code.


Another reason to consider a good polo shirt with logo for staff is that they provide advertising for your company when worn around town. The more that potential clients and customers see your company name, the more likely they are to frequent your business. When you go out and see a polo shirt with logo for another company, they are getting advertising out of that. Doing the same for your company is a great way to generate local business.

This is true of when you have staff wear a polo shirt with logo to different events such as trade shows and expos, or to places like golf outings and charity events. This increases name recognition for your company and helps you to stand out from the many other companies and business that will be there at such a show.