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Logo Polo Shirts

Posted by Joel McCall

Do you provide logo polo shirts or uniforms of any sort for your staff?  Some companies have given up on this practice because it is an additional expense for them, but it's something to think about seriously.  There are many benefits to dictating what your staff wears even to an office, and while dress codes have become more relaxed in recent years, this doesn't mean companies have no concern over the appearance of their staff.

There are many other reasons to consider logo polo shirts, and some surprising benefits as well.  Once you realize these benefits, you may be convinced that they are the best choice for your company.  Here are some quick considerations for providing logo polo shirts to your staff.


You may not think of logo polo shirts as being advertising for your company, but keep in mind that the more your company name is in front of customers and clients, the more accustomed they are to that name.  This means they're more likely to purchase from you or to frequent your business because of that name recognition.  When those logo polo shirts are worn outside the office, which will happen, you are getting free advertising wherever your staff goes.

Appearance and impression.

The appearance of your staff goes a long way toward the impression your customers and clients will have, and those logo polo shirts can help tremendously in this regard.  While everyone's personal taste in music and their political beliefs are their own, t-shirts that advertise these things around the office may be inappropriate and in some cases, may even offend others.  They also may not give the impression that your staff is professional and competent, or that they're concentrating on their work when they're at work.  Those logo polo shirts can make them feel as if they're ready for work and should be concentrating on work, much like someone wearing a uniform.

Wearing logo polo shirts can eliminate the need to pick and choose which graphic t-shirts are appropriate, as well as eliminating problems with immodest attire as well.  Management does not need to play favorites or try to address clothing problems individually with staff members when they provide logo polo shirts and other similar shirts for everyone to wear.


The safety of your staff should be of utmost concern, and often their apparel will affect this.  Loose clothes can get caught on items and anything that's billowy can also be a danger in a warehouse or manufacturing setting.  Having your staff wear logo polo shirts means eliminating some of the liability of your company if there are accidents that occur.

There are many benefits to providing logo polo shirts for your staff, and this means office staff as well as those in your warehouse or manufacturing area.  They're often very inexpensive when purchased in bulk, and considering the benefits of these logo polo shirts, it's a good investment for your company to consider as well.