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Customized Polo Shirts

Posted by Joel McCall

How many customized polo shirts do you see when you're out and about every day? If you're like most, you may note that many businesses use these and t-shirts, jackets, and other clothing items for their staff. The interesting thing to remember is that if you see the names of other companies on these items, that means that your name and contact information can also get in front of potential customers and clients when people wear your customized polo shirts. In other words, they do get noticed!

There are other advantaged to having your staff wear customized polo shirts. One is that you can avoid issues with immodest dress or controversial items people may wear to work, such as t-shirts with different slogans or graphic designs that some may find offensive. When you have your staff wear customized polo shirts every day you also present a more professional image to customers and clients, as they know your staff is there to work and they're not wearing what they should be wearing at home on the weekends.

Here are some quick suggestions for additional ways you can use customized polo shirts and other custom shirts for your staff and as giveaways to others, in order to increase brand awareness of your company and your product.

For customers and clients.

Because of the cost of customized polo shirts, you may want to use some discretion when it comes to the clients and customers to whom you give these items away. However, they can be a great gift for executives and for special occasions, such as to thank a customer for a particularly large order. They make nice gifts and are also a good way to get your name and contact information out to the public, when these ones wear your customized polo shirts around town.

For special events.

Does your company ever sponsor, organize, or attend any type of special event such as a golf outing, marathon, or open house? If so, it's good to have your staff wearing these customized polo shirts so that everyone recognizes your company name, and you can also hand them out to certain ones as well. They can be part of prizes you give away for raffles and games. In some cases, you may also set them out for purchase or include them as part of a package someone might purchase, such as with sample equipment or items. This will increase how many people wear your customized polo shirts around town.

With staff.

Many companies today allow casual dress in the office, but are concerned with things being too casual. Instructing your staff that customized polo shirts are the acceptable attire during this time can mean that you don't need to worry about sloppy clothing or unacceptable articles, and that your staff won't have an overly casual attitude either. When they wear customized polo shirts even on casual days, they know that they are still ready to work.