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Custom Logo Shirts

Posted by Joel McCall

Of course, that means businesses are starting to thrive again, as opposed to simply trying to survive. One way to ensure you're one of the businesses that starts thriving again is to advertise as cost effectively as possible.

That's where we at Corporate Shirts Direct come in. We make custom logo shirts for some of the best prices in town.

The process is fairly simple. Essentially, what you'll do is upload the image you want on your apparel (we do polo shirts, hats, company shirts, trade show shirts, dress shirts, golf shirts and business uniforms), we'll email you a preview that you'll approve if correct, and then we'll begin custom embroidering those shirts in whatever quantity you request. That's it.

There are many benefits to advertising this way. Perhaps the most significant is economy. Rather than wasting your finite advertising budget advertising on billboards and benches no one will even notice, spend a few dollars on shirts your trusted family members, friends, employees and neighbors will wear for you happily and repeatedly.

Each time someone sets foot into a local coffee shop or bank, post office or grocery store, there will be others around them or behind them who will notice what the shirt says, thereby improving the likelihood they'll later log on to your website and purchase one of your goods or services.

It's easy, persuasive and a very reasonably priced method to get the word out about your work. What could be better?

To make the offer even more attractive, we offer substantial discounts when you buy in bulk. We know you have other choices and want to make working with us as appealing a prospect as we can make it. That's why we take customer service and cost as seriously as we do. Orders of fifty or 100 shirts (or, perhaps, more) will be have their prices slashed in the hopes of encouraging you to buy more and more as the years pass. We want to make custom logo shirts for you when you first start your business and over the course of many years as it grows and flourishes.

Custom logo shirts are one of the single most cost effective ways to advertise for you business. Contact us now at Take a look at all we have to offer and order whenever you're ready. Or, if you'd feel more comfortable calling us first and talking with one of our actual staff members, feel free to do that, too. Our toll free number is 888.341.LOGO. Mix and match colors all you like for some variety; live it up with our custom logo shirts! That's what we're here for. We can't wait to do business with you.